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Spotify Playlister is the largest-growing directory of Spotify Playlists available anywhere on the Internet!

We have all the contacts and information you will need to build a successful PR campaign around the upcoming release of your music!

Want more Spotify Streams?


Nowadays the best method of getting more Spotify streams is to utilize Independent Spotify playlists by submitting your tracks to the curators of these playlists via their email or socials! We have spent the last 5 years building up the biggest online database of Independent Spotify playlists with direct contact details.

More details on : Promote Spotify Song

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Connect with 11K+ Spotify Playlist Curators.

Our Spotify Playlist Directory currently features 11K+ Playlists curated by Independent Spotify Curators (real humans, not robots!) who are willing to support new artists and break new music.

And we are adding hundreds of new Spotify Playlists every week!

✓ Increase Spotify Streams

✓ Gain more monthly listeners

✓ Grow Your Fanbase

✓ 3k Verified Curator Emails

More informations on : Spotify Playlist Curators or Spotify Playlist Submission Service

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Welcome To Spotify Playlister

Spotify Playlister members have exclusive access to up-to-date contact information including over 50,000 music industry influencers, curators, blogs, and radio stations.
(And counting!)

This means that for only $15 a month, you can spend more time making and promoting your music, and less time scouring the web for contacts.

✓ Increase Spotify Streams
✓ Get Music Blog Reviews
✓ Gain Radio Play
✓ Grow Your Fanbase

✓ 35k Verified Emails

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Connect with 50K+ Music Industry Influencers, Curators, Radio Stations & Blogs.

Spotify Playlist Directory

Currently featuring over 11,400 playlists independently-curated by Independent Spotify Curators (real humans, not robots!) who are willing to support new artists and break new music.


Music Blog Directory

This is our personal database of over 16,200 Music Blogs from across the globe spanning every musical genre. Our ever-growing directory is your key to getting your music in front of today's most influential music writers and tastemakers. 



Radio Directory

This directory is your gateway to over 21,250 of the most influential program directors, music directors, and DJ’s from across the world who support new music and help break new acts!

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