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  • What playlists will i have access to?
    Pretty much every and any independent playlist on Spotify that accept song submissions via email, instagram or other social media
  • How long will i have access to the directory?
    Every month you are billed a monthly fee eneabling you accesss for the entire month and every month until you cancel or fee can no longer be taken.
  • How do I cancel my monthly subscription?
    Simply email us via and request to cancel your monthly subscription 7 days before billing date and we will stop any further payments. This will also restrict your access to the database after billing period has expired.
  • Do you have seperate directories for radio stations and blogs?
    We also have plans for radio stations and blogs in every country in the world, you can select a seperate packages to access these databases or an all in one subscription. Simply select the top subscription via the 'Join' page.
  • What contact details will i get?
    The majority of our contacts have email addressses and if not will have social media details to contact them via.
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