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Getting your music heard by the right people can be very hard hard. 

This is why we have set up this hip hop music blog submission, containing info and links to all the influential sites and blogs who not only accept these emails but welcome them.

hip hop music blog submission

Rap Music Blog Submission

One way to get into rap music blog submission is to submit your music to curators. 


Curators have a set of blogs and listeners following them. By getting into their list, you can boost your profile as an rap artist.


Independent curators may not be as big as the internal platforms or major labels that control the music blogs, but at least you still get a good share of their play counts.

rap music blog submission

Electronic Music Blog Submission

Adding your song to a bad electronic music blog submission is never the correct decision

You can go for SpotifyPlaylister where a curation team is eagerly looking for new music to update its Spotify playlist.


It has been designed as a full electronic music dedicated record label that allows you to submit playlist and songs to as you wish

electronic music blog submission.jpg

EDM Music Blog Submission

SpotifyPlaylister is designed to provide edm independent artists a way to allow their music/songs to be included in the daily Spotify playlist through edm music blog submission .


It’s easy to submit your songs and connect with other independent playlisters, so that you can maximize the exposure of your songs.

You can submit your music to independent music curators too. Any type of music genre is accepted as long as the composition is original and is your own work.

edm music blog submission

Indie Music Blog Submission

SpotifyPlaylister is a website that provides a venue for you to submit your tracks through indie music blog submission .

SpotifyPlaylister would then do all the work for you.


Various playlist curators could include your tracks in their playlists, depending on your music genre. The site also features numerous playlists in different genres.

Hence, no matter what type of music you create, you can find a curator here. 

indie music blog submission
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