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Spotify Playlist Submission Service

Spotify Playlist Submission Hip Hop

One way to get into spotify playlist submission hip hop is to submit your music to curators. 


Curators have a set of playlists and listeners following them. By getting into their list, you can boost your profile as an hip hop artist.


Independent curators may not be as big as the internal platforms or major labels that control the playlist, but at least you still get a good share of their play counts.

spotify playlist submission hip hop

LoFi Spotify Playlist Submission

SpotifyPlaylister is designed to provide afrobeat independent artists a way to allow their music/songs to be included in the daily Spotify playlist through lofi spotify playlist submission .


It’s easy to submit your songs and connect with other independent playlisters, so as to maximize the exposure of your songs.

You can submit your music to lofi hip hop spotify playlist independent music curators too. Any type of music genre is accepted as long as the composition is original and is your own work.

lofi hip hop spotify playlist submission

Spotify Rap Playlist Submission

SpotifyPlaylister gets your rap music included in the correct spotify rap playlist submission .

As for new rap artists, who want to introduce their music, you can submit your demo tape to SpotifyPlaylister .


Submissions are accepted only once for each song. After you get a submission : And reach a massive audience that like your work, this is a good way to grow your followers on social media and music platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music and SoundCloud. 

spotify rap playlist submission

Pop Punk Spotify Playlist Submission

We help pop punk artists to send their song through our spotify pop punk playlist submission . If you feel that you do not have enough listeners we can help you with that .

pop punk spotify playlist submission

Spotify Rock Playlist Submission

Adding your song on the wrong Spotify Rock Playlist Submission is never a good move. 

You can go for SpotifyPlaylister where a curation team is eagerly looking for new music to update its Spotify playlist.


It has been designed as a full-onelectronic music dedicated record label that allows you to submit playlist as your wish.

spotify rock playlist submission

Afrobeat Spotify Playlist Submission

Afrobeat music industry have a niche audience . Our platform help afrobeat music artists to submit their music through a afrobeat spotify playlist submission .


Do not hesistate to get in touch with us .

afrobeat spotify playlist submission

Latin Spotify Playlist Submission

SpotifyPlaylister is perfect for new and latin independent artists who want their music included in the Spotify playlist through a latin spotify playlist submission .


The site is on the lookout for fresh, talented artists and bands , who can deliver what listeners, are asking for.

Submit your music or playlists to the site or to Indie curators, and discover new songs or playlists yourself. There are love songs, party songs, alternative music, and a lot more genres that you can discover and explore.

latin spotify playlist submission

Chillhop Spotify Playlist Submission

SpotifyPlaylister provides a valuable guide to chillhop independent artists, musicians, and curators on how to broaden their network on music streaming sites through a

chillhop spotify playlist submission .


It also teaches how artists can analyse their data; enhance their profiles and how to get the most out of being curators.

chillhop spotify playlist submission

Dubstep Spotify Playlist Submission

Send your dubstep music through a dubstep spotify playlist submission and your chance to increase your audience will get higher.

You can try our services by click on the following button.

dubstep spotify playlist submission

Indie Spotify Playlist Submission

Indie rock is a genre of rock music that originated in the USA and UK in the '70s


Since we started our business we connected to many other people and we offer them best indie music


Feel free to send your music to us and we can help with a indie spotify playlist submission .


indie spotify playlist submission

Metal Spotify Playlist Submission

Independent artists can grow their audience and become well known artists through submitting their songs in a Metal Spotify Playlist Submission. 

Head over to our playlists to get a vibe for the metal music you want to hear

metal spotify playlist submission

Trap Spotify Playlist Submission

Trap is a subgenre of hip hop music that originated in the USA during the early 90s.


Press on Trap Spotify Playlist Submission button so you can check our pricing .

trap nation spotify playlist submission

Use the form below to contact us for any special requests, inquiries, questions or concerns 

Thanks for submitting!

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